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Finding the right equipment can make life easier for you. Select an option below to see similar items on our Products and Services page.

 Bath boards

Can be used to help you get in and out of the bath. Can be used with a bath seat.

 Bath lifts

Fits inside the bath and can lift you from the bottom of the bath to the top of the bath rim. Please note you will need to lift your legs over the bath rim.

 Bath step

A step to help you to get in or out of the bath. Some steps can be adjusted to the height you need.

Grab rail for bathroom

A rail fixed to or near the bath to help you to get in and out of the bath safely.

Bath mats

A mat which attaches to the bottom of your bath to stop you from slipping when you get in and out.


Useful for if a person finds it difficult to be able to reach the main toilet.

Raised toilet seat

Useful if a person is unable to safely get on/off their toilet as the toilet is too low.

Useful if a person needs to push up to standing from a toilet using both arms. The width of the frame needs to be able fit around the toilet and the person needs to be able fit within it. It can be floor fixed for more stability.


Useful when a person cannot reach the main toilet.

Last updated: 7/1/2020

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