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Birmingham Connect to Support


Click on the sections below to find out more information.

You can always return to the interactive community to select a different category.

Use our Community directory to search and find hundreds of local groups and activities. You can search based on location and category of group or activity. 

Volunteering makes a positive impact in your community but it can also have many benefits for you. 

You can find out more about volunteering and find opportunities on the Birmingham Voluntary Service Council website (opens in new window).

You can search our Community directory for leisure and entertainment activities in your community.

If you have mobility issues or a disability that makes it difficult to use public transport, we have a list of services available on our Getting out and about page.

The Birmingham City Council website (opens in new window) also has information on parks, sport and leisure.

You can find out more about Faith based organisations in Birmingham on the Birmingham Community Healthcare website here (opens in new window).

Places of Welcome are run by local community groups who want everyone in their neighbourhood to have a place to go for a friendly face, a cup of tea and a conversation if and when they need it.

Places of Welcome take place in a variety of different venues including churches, community centres, libraries, mosques, temples and other community group buildings across the UK.

You can find out more by visiting the Places of Welcome website (opens in new window).

Last updated: 7/1/2020

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