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Home Care Providers & Personal Assistants (PAs)

Home Care

If you are having some difficulty with some aspects of daily living, it may be beneficial for you to have somebody coming into your home to help you with things like washing, dressing and eating. This service is known as homecare (or domicillary care) and is usually provided by homecare agencies. If you are eligible for support from the council they can arrange your homecare for you, but if you are a self-funder or would like greater choice and control you can visit the services marketplace and purchase your own homecare independently.

Personal Assistants (PAs)

A Personal Assistant (PA) is someone employed directly by a person who needs support to enable them to live thier life as fully and independently as possible. They may provide personal care and also assist the person to go meet their friends, go to work and participate in community life. You can find a range of agencies offering home care, personal assistants as well as gardening, window cleaning services in the marketplace.

Last reviewed: 02/03/2018

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