Accessibility Statement
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Rail Information

Travelling by train

When planning a journey by train, the National Rail website will have lots of useful information for passengers with disabilities. This includes a journey planner, which will tell you the name of the train company you will be travelling with so you are able to book any assistance you need. The website has a guide regarding the accessibility of every station in the country.

Disabled Access

Most rail stations across the West Midlands are accessible to everyone. At some stations staff are available to offer assistance. At smaller unstaffed stations on-train staff are able to offer assistance for people who may need help boarding or leaving the train. Ramps are always available if needed to help people on and off trains.

You can find information about purchasing a Disabled Persons Pass here.

Accessible Travel

West Midlands Railway offer accessible travel, accessible priority seating, Travel Support Cards and booking assistance.

Last reviewed: 02/08/2018