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Starting with a conversation

3 Conversations is the new way Social Care work with you. It focuses on what is important to you and is built around conversations based on what you can do, your existing support network, such as family and friends, and the resources you can use in the community. The aim is to put you at the centre of the process, with Social Care and partners in health and the volunteer sector supporting you. This means we can:

  • help you to stay safe
  • help you see what strengths and skills you already have and help you decide what you can do for yourself
  • listen to your story and what you want out of your life
  • work with you, your family, carers and friends to understand and make decisions which give you more control over your life
  • help you find out about what support is in your local area and how you can take part
  • be honest with you about what help and support is available for you
  • help you get the right care and support

The 3 Conversations

In Birmingham, the process of identifying and planning your support begins with a conversation. The conversation usually takes place in your home or, in hospital (if you are a patient), but can take place elsewhere if needed.

During the conversation, we will talk with you about your situation, how you would like it to change and how these changes might be achieved. Part of this conversation is to ensure that we understand what is important to you and what currently works well, alongside the difficulties you are having.

You are welcome to have someone with you during the conversation. This could be a carer, a family member or a friend. If you don't have anyone able to support you, Adult Social Care can arrange for an independent advocate for you - to support you and make sure your voice is heard.

There are 3 types of conversations:

Conversation 1: For us to listening to you and connecting you to things that will help you get on with your life - based on your assets, strengths and those of your family and neighbourhood – to support you and keep you as independent as possible

Conversation 2: is for when you are in “crisis” or a state of flux and you needs more intensive support for a short period to get back to stable position and in control of your life.

Conversation 3: is about ongoing support on a long-term basis where you are eligible for funding by the Council. We explore with you what a good life for you looks like and how ongoing support can help build this.

Depending on your situation, conversation 1 or 2 might be most appropriate to start with. During your conversation with us, we will explore all the options around these conversations before making any long-term decisions and ongoing support as part of conversation 3, if that is what you need.

Through these conversations, Adult Social Care will be able to assess your needs in line with the national eligibility rules about care and support. These are set out in the Care Act 2014 and help us to work out if you are entitled to support.

Last updated: 6/18/2020

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