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Getting help with technology

Technology can provide great help support and assistance to people as they get older and those who have condition and disability. However, not everyone has the skills and knowledge of how to use technology. 


AbilityNet is a UK charity that helps older people and disabled people of any age use technology. They provide both in-person through their network of over 300 community based volunteers and have a range of easy to use on line resources for those that just need a little help. All volunteers are DBS checked and are happy to help with tech problems both large and small.

You can find information on how to request their free Tech Support on their website

AbilityNet will provide help with any online or allied electronic device, including Smart TVs and printers as well computers, tablets and smart phones. They also  offer a range of free and trusted information:

  • My computer My Way - a service of how to guides and step by step instructions on adapting your phone computer or tablet to meet your needs, covering everything from increasing the size of your mouse pointer to getting your device to read aloud any text on screen.
  • Factsheets on how technology can help people with a range of conditions
  • Webinars that are free to sing up to on topics relevant to disable people


AbilityNet helps anyone over 55 without a disability and anyone over 18 with a disability. AbilityNet define a disability as anything that creates a barrier to people accessing digital technology. This includes dyslexia, autism and ADHD.


AbilityNet can be contacted via their website or by phone on 0800 048 7642 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)


Last updated: 8/26/2022



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