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How to get a free assessment

A number of tools, devices and services are available for people to purchase themselves (self-purchase) that can help with maintaining independence in the home.

Information on the range of equipment and technology available can be found online from various sources, including:

If you are involved with adult social care you will have a conversation with a social worker. This can involve the creation of a care plan.

A conversation is a simply a discussion between yourself and a social work professional to understand what help and support you might need coping with life on a day to day basis and living independently in your own home. 

The conversation will also help you to understand what you can do for yourself and inform you of what support is available to you in your local community and through other networks and services. If you have care needs you can request a conversation for yourself, or someone you care for. 

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Visit: Contacting us about adult social care services and support 

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